• Solutions
  • Market Research

    Traditionally Eyetracking is used in market research as a method to evaluate campaigns of various kinds. Biosignals can extend these methods to an emotional dimension.

  • Psychological Research

    Psychological research has always been a pioneer in many areas of the study of biological signals. Often the focus is on a single field such as EEG, ECG, skin conductance or eye tracking. But the simultaneous detection and analysis of several signals result in synergies that are significantly more than the sum of its parts.

  • Sports

    Even in competitive sports and in sports medicine the detection of bio-information is becoming increasingly important. Here in particular small and rugged mobile devices are used.

  • Virtual Environments

    Virtual environments provide test settings that are otherwise difficult or impossible to implement. Of course, such environments have completely different demands on its evaluations, for example in eye tracking.

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